Thursday, December 20, 2012


Yesterday me, my mom and my 17 month old daughter went to see Santa. It was such an awesome day! We had a blast!  We went to Oakville Place shopping mall in the morning since it's not as busy specially if you want to see Santa, the waiting time is not bad. I recommend to bring snacks, a toy and some water to keep your kids busy. Sofia was such a good girl playing with the other kids in line.
Their decorations are simply magical!
This is becoming a really fun tradition, as long as i see my daughter enjoying and having fun i think it's great to take her to see Santa, it was our second year, last year she was only 5 months not knowing what was going on, but now she' s 17 months, she was able to enjoy more.  We also did some last minute shopping and had a delicious lunch. They take a photo and video of your child which they send you after by email. You can later download, print and or send it to friends. It's a fun experience that we look forward to each year. She was all smiles and had no issues sitting next to Santa in his big chair. But she wasn’t willing to sit on his lap…let’s not push it. lol  The photo and the video is All FREE of charge! In exchange they accept donations on behalf of Sleeping Children Around the World, an organization that provides bed kits to needy children in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Here is a little about the organization:
Sleeping Children Around the World
September 19, 2012
Sleeping Children Around the World is a organization that provides bed kits to less fortunate children around the world. The bed kits, which include a mattress with cover to protect the children from malaria, also includes school supplies, cloth for making a school uniform, and flip flops, among numerous other items. It is operated by volunteers from the processing of donations to the distribution of bed kits. Oakville Place supports this organization through the Santa Program and has been an avid supporter for many years.
If you would like to donate or know more about the Sleeping Children Around the World. please visit Free photos and videos with Santa at Oakville Place shopping mall!!!:) November 30-December 24.


Christmas Eve*Reservations Only*

You can visit their website for more information
Do you take your kids to see Santa? Do they like it?  Share your stories by commenting on this post. Happy holidays everyone!!!


  1. Achei super engraçado!!!! A Sofia Isabel està meio sem saber o q fazer, tao admirada q està!
    Podes pôr aqueles videos tb q me havias enviado aqui, assim nao terei de ocupar espaço no disco do pc e posso ver qd quiser. é melhor.

  2. so beautiful decorations :)and what a nice thing the donations to Sleeping Children Around the World. I bet Sofia loved it, she looks sooo cute next to Santa :) my 3 months baby is still too young to these things.... :) kiss


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