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For those who already know me, know that I love to travel. I always loved to travel maybe that's because i worked a few years for an airline and have been bitten by the travel bug a few years ago .:)  Traveling for me is a way to open my mind, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and it makes me feel alive and happy. And i also love photography, so i always take tons of pictures when i travel.:) I did go to a few places and i have a few that are for sure my favorites and i still want to go back. Now that i am a mom my priorities are way diferent, but i still think it's important to show my daughter a little more then just where she was born. After Sofia was born i try to go back home as much as i can. Sofia has taken the plane about 4 times and she's only 17 months. :) The first time she was only a month and a half.  When i planned on going to Portugal with her at that time so many people told me " ohhh... you are so courageous to go with a newborn baby on a 7 hour flight, i would never do it..." I have to admit i was a bit nervous the first time i traveled with her specially that my husband wasn't coming with me, but my mom was with me so that was  great help for sure.  We had the best time there and the flight was good.  I consider myself a pretty organized person so i planned that trip in advance to avoid stress. Sofia was a little angel, she didn't cry once, she slept thru the night and was just awake when hungry (it was a night flight so i guess that helped too.:) I have to admit i am really lucky with her, she's always been a good baby.  
Now that she's older it's a diferent story, she's still a very good baby and our flights are still pretty good, a lot of times we took first class since now she needs a lot more space and it's so much easier for us. But sometimes first class is booked and we have to go in economy wich is tottaly fine just a lot less space for her to move and play.  

Me and my baby waiting in Lisbon airport for our flight.
I think nowadays traveling by plane has become tedious with long waits and increased security, making flying with children a challenge, but, even with all the inconveniences of travel, i think with some preparation, you and your children should enjoy the journey. At least the times i traveled with my daughter it helped me a lot. Keep calm and organize yourself in advance and everything will be just fine.:)

I also prefer nonstop flights. With nonstop flights you avoid the hassle of lugging everything and everyone to a connecting flight. On the other hand, depending on the length of your flight and the temperament of your child, you may want to schedule a layover. Some parents find that splitting international or long domestic flights into two legs is helpful; their children can enjoy a brief change of scenery and stretch their legs. It all depends on you and your family. Everyone is dfferent.

Here are some of my tips when traveling with children.

*Before booking a trip i recommend to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician.

*Dress yourself and the kids comfortably in loose fitting pants and layered shirts because it's always to hot or too cold on the plane. Slip-on type shoes are best for quick removal at security and for curling up for a nap.

*If kids are small enough to spill or have toilet accidents, having a change of clothes for the child and possibly yourself :) in your carry-on bag is essential.

*Bring along a variety of activities, such as: new coloring, sticker or activity books, portable travel games, or and erasable drawing board. I also suggest every hour or so, give your little one a gift to unwrap. The presents don't have to be fancy or expensive; they might include books, snacks, or stickers, but it's best to give items your child has never seen before, since these will hold his interest the longest. A little creativity goes a long way, too.

*During takeoff and landing, giving the child something to drink, suck on or chew will protect their ears from the altitude change. Nursing will accomplish the same.

*Bring snacks for the kids, as allowed by the airline. Bring your child's empty sippy cup or bottle on board for the flight attendant to fill with water,  milk or juice, but i would avoid all foods that are sticky, messy or crumby. I also recommend when booking your flight, you can request a special meal for your child specially if he or she's a picky eater.

*Hopefully, the kids will sleep during part of the flight. Bringing the child's favorite blanket or stuffed animal is a must. It can definitely help make them more comfortable.

Hope this helps :)

Thank you and please share your traveling experiences and your best advice when traveling with children by commenting on this post.


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