Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Whether you're a stay at home mom, a writer, a small business owner or a teacher, what you do first thing in the morning matters. The way you start each day is incredibly important!
Today, I wanted to share one of my morning habits. I've been starting all my mornings with a warm (not hot) mug of water and half a lemon juice (no sugar added). It's so simple and the benefits are just too good to ignore, plus, I love the taste of lemon!
Lemons have been said to be good for the bones, skin radiance, digestion, and fighting cancer, they have a great amount of vitamin C plus it's awesome to stimulate digestion for the day and clear the body of any toxins that may have settled in the digestive tract overnight. I do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait at least 40 minutes before eating my breakfast.

Another thing I like to do is the night before or right in the morning, I like to prepare a pitcher of water and add slices of lemon, orange, lime or even cucumber. Everyday I change so I don't get bored.:) Cucumber slices also give you anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting benefits and it's delicious. I love to add fresh mint leaves to my lemon water besides all the benefits and the great refreshing taste, it will leave you with minty-fresh breath.:)
This month we had a few birthdays and parties, so I have to admit I did indulged way too much, so my body needed a bit of a cleanse. It's also a great way if you want to keep your weight under control or even to lose weight.

I don't drink soda at all and juices I only go for the most natural ones. I try to avoid the prepacked ones since there is always so much sugar in most of them so during the day I opt for natural flavor water with these basic ingredients I always have in my refrigerator.
We gotta drink water right? Well at least let's make it a little more fun and get even more benefits out of it. :)

Do any of you lovely readers, start your day with lemon water? 
Would love to hear from you, leave us a comment on this post and share your tips with us.



  1. Olá querida Cláudia!

    Adoro as tuas ideias, os teus posts!
    Realmente já tinha ouvido falar acerca dos benefícios da água com limão pela manhã mas nunca experimentei.
    Confesso que não percebi se deve beber-se morna ou fria...
    Adorei a ideia da hortelã, limão ou lima e pepino! Vou fazer! Parece-me super fresco... por aqui a primavera já espreita por isso acho que vai ser óptimo!
    Aguardo o prometido e-mail ;)
    Beijinhos Marafados de Portugal.
    Hoje está frio, mas está sol :)

    1. Sempre emorna linda, muito melhor para o estomago especialmente logo de manha. Ja mandei o email.:)
      Jokas ate ao lindo Algarve.

  2. I stay away from soda, too, Claudia...and I love your idea of adding nutrients and loveliness to plain water! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome Linda, I was wondering from your last comment about the email do you see the difference I am not sure if I did it right.
      Thank you again for letting me know!

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  4. Hi, Claudia, thanks for popping by "The Silver Bunny" and becoming a follower, I just reciprocated ; your blog is lovely and I am jealous of your beautiful pictures ! A bientôt, amitiés de France !x

    1. You are very welcome! Your blog is lovely! Hope you will also enjoy my blog.:)
      Bisous de Toronto:)

  5. I've tried adding fruit and lemon to water a few times. I really like it with watermelon when it is in season!

    1. Hi Haley, that's a good idea! I should try that when the watermelons are in season.

  6. My Grandmother always started her day with a cup of hot water and lemon. I like it too. She also used to drink the water the cabbage had been boiled in ... With no salt added.

    1. That is such good tip! Thanks for sharing Linda. :)
      Take care!

  7. Looks delicious! Will have to try lemon and mint! We always make fruit infused water, strawberry and lemon is one of our favorites!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Kristen & Jamie

    1. I have to try the strawberry infused water. Must be delicious!!!!!!:)

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    1. For sure, I am already following you. :) Thank you for your visit here, hope you visit again.

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