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Isn't it wonderful, when you walk into a closet and you can see everything so neat that you can make a clear and quick decision as to what you want to wear at that particular moment? As promised,  I finally found some time to share my latest home renovation with you. :) My new walk in closet!!! Initially, we were going to hire California Closets or Closets by Design. They create beautiful closets, but costs thousands and it was already costing me so much building a new closet in our master bedroom, I didn't want to go over budget. I also looked at closet systems from Lowe's, so I got one with some racks and selves at Lowe's. They have great systems not just for walk in closets but for any size closets, so you can have an organized closet no matter what size closet you have. Here is the before picture of my two closets in our master bedroom, his and hers. Not bad at all, I know! We liked it too, but we were missing on space plus me and my hubby like to share everything :) so we decided to do this and what a great gift.  Our Bdays are in February and Valentines is here, so we said to ourselves lets do it!!!
We also have a spare room in our house but since we still would love to have another baby, we didn't want to do anything in there for now. :)

Below, the left picture is my husband's as you can see there is a lot of unused space and a lot of things that are not supposed to be in a closet like games and computer parts hehehe, but that's a different topic. The right picture is mine and yes I also had some things in my closet that were not meant to be there. hehehe but as a small closet I think I kept it pretty ok.  We even added a extra self on top to maximize the space.

So we hired someone we know that works in construction and already did our laundry room, another topic I will  share with you in the future. :). I have to give credit to my wonderful hubby who was very active in this project and did a lot of work to make this happen.
With a little planning, here is what we came up with.
It's not a huge walk in closet but it's perfect for me and my hubby and our room is way more functional now. We had a huge master bedroom with tons of wasted space that we couldn't really do much.
So we started by taking the two closets down and then we started to build and do the framing, did the electrical part, added the drywall, etc...

So much dust everywhere, yaks, don't miss that part that's for sure!!! After all the building was done and the mess was gone, we started to paint. We even changed the colour of our bedroom.:)
So here you can see the system we bought at Lowe's, it's the called  the "Closetmaid Suite Symphony", it comes with shelves and 3 racks.

We will use one of the outside walls of the walk in, to add a new TV soon. :)
Here are some tips on how we accomplish having an organized closet. I got these awesome baskets at the Dollorama, I had them before on my smaller closet just had to buy 2 more. We added two racks on 2 of the walls so we could maximize our space and we also added shelves on top of each rack to add even more storage space. My dresser and mirror are now closer to my closet, which makes it much easier now when we get ready. As for my handbags I like to display them nicely so I can see them and don't forget to use them. I also fill my purses with paper so they keep there nice shape and specially are not all piled up on top of eachother.  I used the shelves that we got from Lowe's from that closet system and we made sure we secured it to the wall. For my shoes, we are going to buy some shelves at Ikea and build them in the extra wall we have left to add shoes and more accessories. I will definitely share that with in the future. I also need to get myself a small ottoman with storage space inside to help me reach for certain things that are on the top shelves.  I am 5.4 so I think this is a must hehehe plus it will give me extra storage for extra accessories if needed in the future. :)

I am still working on it to get the little details finished but at least you can get an idea. So no matter how small or big your space and closet is,  there is always a way to make it nice and organized.
Hope this post gave you some great inspiring ideas on how to organize your closet. You can share your ideas also by commenting on this post. :)



  1. ohh thanks for sharing, i liked very much the idea, what a great use of a big bedroom :) it gave me some ideas, as i'm moving to a new place somewhere this year, and i hope i can get some organization areas as you have here!! what a nice project, and what a sensation it must have been when you put the first hangers!!!!! well looove it, handy husband you got there ;)

  2. Wow what a nice closet!!! Really nice project. I also have a small walk in closet but needs some organizing... it's a mess now hehehe thanks for the great tips, the jewlery holders and the baskets are great ways to keep the clutter way and they are super cute btw. thanks for sharing.

  3. I am in love with your closet and your jewlery holders are really cute. I also bought my bracelet holder on ebay. Thanks for the tips. :)

  4. Thank you so much ladies! I am happy you all like it.:)

  5. Ahh I love all the organization!

  6. Can you put up some pictures of the shelves? Show us how it looks

  7. Love the way everthing turned out Claudia, it looks beautiful!!

  8. Amei as fotos e o seu closet!!!


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