Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi lovely readers, so I went for a little shopping lately.:)
Here are a few of my latest additions to my new wardrobe. A few great jewelry pieces to add to my small collection plus my 19 month old daughter also approved them. :)
Love these gorgeous Forever 21 necklaces! I can hardly wait for spring!
The earrings and the 3th necklace I got them on clearance @ The Bay.
What do you think of these super cute Forever 21 blue nail polishes?
I thought they were super cute for spring!
You are not going to believe how much these Joe Fresh flat shoes cost me! Too bad they didn't have more colours available!!! They were originally $29 but as proof that I not joking or lying here is the price tag so you can see how much I payed for them.:) Who doesn't like a good deal? I certainly do!:) 




So these are my new shoe shelves in my walk in closet! I Love them! 
Here is where I got my shelves and brackets for this project. Thanks to my hubby that was wonderful in putting it all together for me. :) So no more reasons to have my shoes all over the place! :)
What do you think of my hubby's job? Don't forget to comment, he will for sure read all your comments. He wanted me to share this with all of you ladies. Isn't he the best?:)


  1. Obrigada pelas tuas palavras tão simpáticas ! :) Vou passar a seguir o teu blog porque tb me parece interessante! :)

    1. Obrigada ja estou a seguir o teu blog tambem. :)

  2. Obrigada pelos comentários querida :) Adorei as tuas comprinhas principalmente esses colares..são lindos!! Sigo-te também! beijinho*

    1. Obrigada eu tambem fiquei louca por estes colares. :)
      Tambem gosto muito do teu blog.
      Jokas grandes

  3. Querida adorei!
    Lindo lindo lindo!
    As compras são maravilhosas!
    Adorei os colares!
    O closet... bem nem sei se falo.. que perdição!
    Também quero muito que chegue a primavera :)
    beijinhos minha querida!

    1. Tambem devias partilhar o teu que como ja disses te parecido com o meu. Ja me deixas te curiosa. hehehe.
      Bom fim de semana para ti cheio de boas coisinhas.

  4. Obrigada meninas!!! Voces sao todas umas queridas. A serio e tao bom vir ate aqui e ver os vossos comentarios. :)
    E que tal um closet tour video? Estou a pensar fazer um.
    Jokas a todas

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Kristen. Love that colour for spring!:)

  6. Hi Claudia, Love your blog its so down to earth and real! I really like your choice in jewellery too :) Would love it if you could have a little peep at my blog as i'm fairly new to this lol Many Thanks in advance
    Easmin x

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