Friday, August 23, 2013


Hi ladies, how are you all doing? What do you think about my new nail polish rack? My husband did an amazing job, it was for sure a really great and fun DIY project. I recently purchased 24/7 by Sinful Colors, this color is so fun and flirty, perfect for summer and if you have a nice tan it would look even better. Love the color, wish I could say the same about the formula of this nail polish. It's not bad, the only thing I found about this was that it takes some time to dry and it's not so easy to apply, I had to apply 3 coats and 1 top coat. If you don't put a top coat this nail polish will just give you a matte finish. Besides the formula not being the best, this color is for sure a must have, specially for summer.
This brand is made in the USA and it is really affordable, only $1.99.

                              What do you think of Sinful Colors?
Do you have any favorites from this brand?
Have a great weekend!



  1. Ur husband did an excellent job with nail polish rack..
    I like this colour, but 3 coats and time to dry.. Its not for me..
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  2. que verniz mais lindo :D
    bom fim de semana :)

  3. $1.99, it's a steal ! Your husband did an amazing job; I tidied up my polishes this morning and I am jealous !xxx

  4. Claudia, que cor mais lindaaa.. a cara do verão.

  5. Your husband did an amazing job, it turned out beautiful.

    I love this color Claudia, I’ve never tried this brand before… now you have me itching to go buy new nail polish.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you silvia. They have it at Target for $1.99.:)

  6. I love your nail polish rack! Your husband did such a great job!
    Beautiful color too, but I have never tried this brand.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. que linda essa cor super verãoooo!!! nunca experimentei essa marca

  8. oh my.. the pink so so strong! it's so pretttyyyyyy <3

  9. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. You are the best!:)

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