Friday, November 01, 2013


How was everyone's Halloween yesterday? We didn't go trick-or-treating with Sofia, but we stayed home and gave lots of candies and chocolates to all the kids in the neighbourhood. We had lots of kids this year and Sofia had a blast. Here are just a few photos of yesterday's Halloween fun. Next year when she's a bit older and hopefully it won't rain like yesterday, we will go with her trick-or-treating.

Even our cat got a little special outfit. :)
Last year Sofia's Halloween costume 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I adore Sofia's costumes. She looks so adorable. We only had one visit so we were left with lots of sweets. Of course, I had to eat them. Have a lovely weekend :-) xx

  2. Sofia looks adorable as usual! I love the pink pumpkin!

    Happy Halloween Claudia!

  3. adorable :)

  4. Owwwn, so cute.
    Adoro o Haloween :)

  5. muito obrigada! adoro essas fotografias :)

  6. Infelizmente aqui em Portugal, não se faz ainda nada disso!!!

  7. Hi dear,thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog!
    I'll have a look at your jewelry collection after my comment here ;)
    Sofia looks so cute as little princess but the bee costume is even more cute!I had a similar one as a child for my first carnival party :)

  8. Ohh she looks so cute , her dress is beautiful...
    Last years out is cute too..
    Hope it wouldn't rain so that ur doll can go out.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  9. R: Obrigada por visitar o meu cantinho, não lhe dedico tanta atenção quanto gostava pois é complicado conciliar com a escola, mas cá me arranjo! Acho que o seu blog está bastante dinâmico e tem uns posts bastante engraçados e interessantes! Estou a segui-la :) Beijinho de portugal :)

  10. Que delícia!!! Com certeza ela deve ter se divertido muito!!!! beijos

  11. a tua menina está lindaaaa <3
    adoro o gato ahahah

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  13. Que menina tão querida ^^

    R.: de facto, é uma questão pertinente e penso que deve ser bem ponderada :) sempre frequentei o ensino público por isso, não posso falar muito. Mas espero ter ajudado de alguma forma :) boa sorte!

  14. tão gira :D

    ( )

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  16. Hallo
    Ich bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen, und finde ihn richtig toll :)

    Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei.

    Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mir zu Folgen?
    Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch.
    Liebe Grüße

  17. aww Sophia is so cute! Love the look on her :)

  18. I did the same thing on Halloween too; stayed home with the kids and handed out candies. It was fun.

  19. The pink costume and pumpkin are so cute. I always enjoy all the sweet treats at this time of year!

  20. Olá Cláudiaa :) Estou de volta!
    Bem esse Halloween deve ter sido muito bom, até gostava que cá por Portugal existisse mais esses espirito ;)


  21. Lovely skirt <3 and bee dress :P Love your blog. I'm following you by GFC. :) Would you like to follow me back? I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
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  22. Lovely skirt and bee dress <3 Love your blog. I'm following you by GFC. :) Would you like to follow me back? I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
    Visit me: Fashion blog What is in the hat? CLICK!

  23. Tão fofas as duas fantasias! :D E a do gatinho também! HEHE
    Que engraçado, então era aqui vizinho! Já conheces as ilhas?
    O pai do meu namorado também tem familia aí no Canadá! ;)

    Também já te sigo, beijinhos


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