Monday, June 09, 2014


 These past weeks have been really busy. We did some changes in our daughter's room, like painting the walls, reorganizing her closet and adding a few more details. I love how it turned out and since she's turning 3 soon, I wanted to do something extra special before her birthday. I've also been working a lot onset, I had to do night shootings for a week and I barely had time to see my emails. 
One thing I love is taking photos of my daughter so one day she can look back and enjoy every memory that went by way too fast. It's great to be able to spend more time outside and enjoy the warm days with my girl. 
Everyday that goes by I think how lucky I am to have such a lovely princess in my life. 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Redecorating room us a really good idea for her 3rd birthday.. Would live to see the pics of your angels room
    Looks like its nice and sunny in your city
    Your daughter looks so fashionable in that hat and summer dress
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    Keep in touch

  2. Tenho a certeza que a tua filha vai adorar ver todas essas fotografias quando for mais velha :) adorei as que publicaste, estão mesmo bonitas

  3. Cláudia, a tua filha está linda (e enorme!) :) adorei as fotografias! *

  4. O vestido e o chapéuzinho são adoráveis. É muito bonita a baby girl. :)

  5. Absolutely! I couldn't agree more and she looks amazing! You take beautiful photos Claudia. So cute! My daughter has way too much energy to even stay still for a shoot but the more candid they the cute :). Hope you get some rest.

  6. Oh ela é tão fofinha, tem umas bochechas tão queridas! Adorei os vossos conjuntos, super cutes!

  7. Que lindas que vocês estão! :) Ambos os vestidos são adoráveis e a tua filha é lindíssima!:)

  8. I hope one day you post about the work you do, it sounds so interesting.

    And your princess is looking gorgeous, just like her momma. It looks like her hair has grown so much and it's getting lighter too?

    Hope you're able to relax this weekend Claudia!

  9. Claudia, a 1ª foto está tãoooo linda

    Taras e Manias

  10. Estão lindas as fotos!!

  11. So cuteeee :)

  12. Ela é uma verdadeira princesssaaa *.* Mal vejo a hora de ter uma assim!
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  13. A primiera fotografia é tão amorosa!!!! (Um dia, quero ter um bonequinha assim *.*)



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