Friday, December 12, 2014


Hi my loves, I know I am super late on this post, but as usual I've been crazy busy. I normally never shop on crazy days like these since I have zero patience for crowed places and line ups. This year we decided to pay a visit to just a few stores and see if what we wanted had any great deals. We went to an outlet plaza in Milton "city outside Toronto" and checked out 4 or 5 stores. First one was Lindt chocolates and we got some great deals there for Christmas presents, a few delicious boxes of chocolates and truffels.
The next stop was one of my favorite stores, Michael Kors, I really wanted to check if they had any great deals. It was a little crazy inside, but I was lucky enough not to get stuck in any line up outside the store, I only had to wait in line when it was time to pay, but I didn't care at that point since I was thrilled with my purchases. I got 2 gorgeous bags, presents from my dear husband, one for having baby #2 and one for this Christmas, the one for Christmas is still wraped and in it's original package. Let me tell you I was a happy girl!!!
My new baby
Check out Michael Kors website,  they still have a few sales going on.
 Then I wanted to buy some casual boots for my husband. We went to a couple shoe stores and we found nothing that we liked so we finally went to Aldo and found these gorgeous boots for Christmas.
Then we thought lets check out Babies R Us, we needed a playpen for our coming baby since we left Sofia's playpen at my mom's vacation home in Portugal.
We got a really awesome deal for the playpen for our baby boy.

You can find this playpen at Baby's R US online or in stores.
We also got a few adorable baby clothes. I am now organizing our baby's room and closet which is a really exciting time for all of us.
We also got 2 really cool car seats, one infant and one 3 stage that will be good when the baby is a little older, both from Safety 1st.
You can find this item here:

You can find this item here:
And that is what we did on Black Friday.
It was definately worth it!!!
These photos do not belong to me except the one of my gorgeous Michael Kors bag, most of the things we got are still in boxes, the other Michael Kors bag is part of my Christmas present  so I will show you better in a future post. I promise!
Take care everyone!


  1. Estou a ver que aproveitaste bem.

    Não tinha noção que fora dos EUA a Black Friday também existia, mas este ano falaram-me disso e comecei a aperceber-me que algumas coisas compensam bastante, até aqui no Brasil.

    No próximo ano estarei mais alerta e farei como tu para encontrar bons negócios.


    Floripa Alentejana

  2. You did some major shopping! I love your new bag, it's beautiful.

    Spanish Muse

  3. A mala é simples e gira !
    Quem me dera ter arranjado promoções quando comprei essas coisinhas para a minha Pequena .
    R: A Mel também nao o faz , mas em casa destrói o que pode e não pode quando lhe da os ataques de fúria (:
    Crianças !

  4. Essa mala é tao gira!! Só coisinhas giras que compraste :)

    Portuguese Girl with American Dreams

  5. Incredible shopping! I actually just shopped online, as we did not want to mess about with the crowds. :) /Madison
    Colour Me in: Designer Spotlight


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