Monday, December 01, 2014


 Oh My Goodness, I have so much to share with all of you. First let's start with the big news. Some of you that follow my personal Facebook page and also the blog's Facebook page know this already.
We are having a BOY!!!
We had such a blast with the Gender Party. For those that don't know what a "Gender Party" is, it's simply a party to reveal the sex of the baby, a really fun way to get your loved ones together and share such wonderful news.
The way we wanted to reveal the sex of our baby to our family and friends was with a big box we made ourselves and filled it with balloons so as soon as we opened the box they would pop up.
Everyone was so excited and couldn't wait to find out. 80% predicted a boy, but I got a few people confused when I arrived with a pink dress. LOL
When I was pregnant with Sofia, everyone told me "you will have a boy for sure". Lol
This time most of you got it right! :)
The party took place at my sister in law's home since we wanted to get everyone together. Her father in law, is really old and does not get out of the house anymore so I decided we should have it there so no one would miss the party. 
We brought our decorations and ordered some delicious food, my sister in law made a few dishes and my mom made the deserts and appetizers.  
We got some really adorable baby stuff, cash and gift certificates for our baby.
I will share the new baby stuff we got in a later post.
I even got a gorgeous Michael Kors bag from my husband, purchased on Black Friday.
How was your shopping on Black Friday? Did you enjoy some great deals?
I promise I will share real soon our Black Friday shopping, we found amazing deals.
Stay tuned!
Take care


  1. Que amor de festinha! Muitos parabéns querida Cláudia!

    Sweet Camomile

  2. Não sabia que faziam festas assim, parece tão giro!!! :D
    Estás lindíssima, o vestido fica-te super bem e a barriguinha awwwwwww tão bonita <3 A festa estava super bem decorada, adorei tudo :)
    Muitos parabéns <3 <3
    Beijinhos ^^

  3. OMG , I was sure looking at the pics you will have a boy :)
    super happy for you , u look gorgeous
    how is sofia reacting to the new baby !
    keep in touch

  4. Congrats again Claudia. Looks like you all had a blast. You look so beautiful and happy and little Sofia is adorable, she'll be a proud big sister I am sure.
    kisses darling

  5. Parabéns!! A Sofia está toda divertida com a ideia de ter um irmão para brincar ou não?

    r: Sim :)) Obrigada :)

  6. Olá Claudia!
    Não sabia que faziam esse tipo de festas.
    Estava tudo muito giro.
    Felicidades :)

  7. Que ideia tão gira :) muitos parabéns! Adorei as fotos

  8. Congratulations Claudia! I'm so excited about your growing baby boy! This looks like a fun and creative way to reveal the sex of the baby :).

    I stayed home on Black Friday, I went once a few years ago but it was not a positive experience for me personally, anyway I can't wait to see what you got!


  9. Great photos! :)

  10. What a fun gender reveal party, look absolutely beautiful!

  11. Achei a ideia super gira! Parabéns mais uma vez :)

    Portuguese Girl with American Dreams

  12. Parabéns, não sabia que havia estás festas :)

  13. R: Que sorte querida haver aí neve, aqui é sempre um pouco triste para mim eu adorava ver a neve, talvez vá uns dias para a serra da estrela!! :) Tudo de bom para ti e para os teus! <3

  14. Parabéns Cláudia...uma criança é a melhor coisa do mundo....Muitas felicidades!!!!

  15. Que fotos giras , que festa engraçada (:
    Parabéns novamente pelo mais pequeno que vem aí !
    R: Adoro-os , mas sao uns destruidores

  16. Que lindos!

  17. Wonderful photos, I'm sure you had a blast! Congratulations for your baby boy, I'm so happy for you!
    Kisses, take care!

  18. Parabéns Claudia!! =) Que bom, ficas com uma menina e um menino! As meninas são aquela doçura, mas os meninos são uns amores também!
    Gostei muito das fotos da vossa festa linda.
    Que tudo continue a correr bem =) beijinhos


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