Friday, January 16, 2015


Hi loves, 
Hope you all had a fantastic week, on today's post I would like to share a few photos of my work as a Background Performer.  A few of you asked me what I do for a living. Well beside being a housewife and a mommy, I  am also a Background Performer, basically I am a extra on movies and TV shows, nothing fancy, but I do enjoy every minute of it! These are just a few photos taken onset of various TV shows and movies I had the privilege to work on.  I love doing what I do, everyday onset is different, every production is different, plus you get to meet and work with awesome people. 
I studied tourism and worked for a commercial airline for almost 10 years " gosh that makes me look old" Lol, but when I recently lived in Portugal for 2 years I had the opportunity to do some TV work for a few Portuguese TV shows and that is when I discovered a new passion. When I returned to Canada I managed to continue to do what I love.  Some of the TV shows I had the opportunity to work on are Saving Hope, Nikita, Rookie Blue,  Agatha, The Listener, Lost Girl,  Horizon, The Divide, Hemlock Grove, Sensitive Skin, Love is Dead, Orphan Black, Falling Skies, Hannibal, Warehouse 13, Covert Affairs, Suits, Breakaway, Best Laid Plans, Breakout Kings, Being Erica, Unnatural History, Nothing Personal, Miracles, Beauty and the Beast and much more including a few movies, Bomb Girls, Jesus Henry Christ, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures and many more but unfortunately for legal reasons there are some projects I've worked on recently including some American movies but since it's not out yet I am not allowed to talk about it too much for now. 
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Take care everyone and have an awesome weekend!


  1. Orphan black é das minhas séries preferidas! Deve ser tão giro fazer esses trabalhos! :)

  2. hi dear,these are so cool...
    i didn't know!!wow

  3. Well, isn't that fun?! Thanks for sharing, Claudia!

  4. Wow ,interesting! Thanks for Sharing ,love it :)


  5. Eu adoro Suits, agora pergunto-me se te terei visto em algum episodio! hehe!
    Deve ser mesmo giro trabalhar nesse meio e conhecer pessoas que normalmente só vemos na TV! hehe
    Já me tinhas dito que tens familia no Pico, mas não sabia que tinhas vivido em Portugal :)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  6. How fun and exciting! I love that you do this in addition to your major responsibilities at home, you're a superwoman!


    1. Awee thanks so much Silvia, but I am no superwoman but at least I try my very best, my favorite role is being a mommy. :)

  7. é bom quando fazemos aquilo que gostamos, isso dá-nos uma serenidade imensa.

    Aqui e agora também faço aquilo que gosto. Só tenho pena que o meu país não me dê a mesma oportunidade.

    Muito sucesso para continuares a subir na carreira que almejas ;)


  8. Vou revirar Lost Girl e Beauty and the Beast até te ver!!! Beijinhos e continua a fazer sempre que mais amas!!

  9. Já me tinhas falado do teu background em turismo mas nunncaa pensei que fosse essa a tua profissão! E que profissão maravilha!! Gostava que partilhasses um pouco mais do dia-a-dia nas gravações, deve ser mesmo girooo!!


  10. Wow Claudia, this is so cool! Love your photos, you look amazing!
    Take care, kisses!

  11. AMO a 1ª foto, demais

  12. Wut an amazin' work!! OMG I want it too ahah
    Love you blog. :)


  13. Tão engraçado :D
    r: Exacto , mas eu não quero nada com ele , foi apenas um pensamento que me surgiu a dada altura , porque felizmente nós falamos sobre tudo :)

  14. So fine!! Escusado será dizer que adorei as fotos como enfermeira!!

  15. Wonderful pictures. ^^
    Have a nice Friday...

  16. Fun and cute photos. I did the background work too once and i loved it, but since we are hardly ever in one place i haven't had the chance to get back to it. Beautiful shots and kudos. You looked beautiful in your outfits. I know it can take all day on set but it is fun, exciting and so worth it.

  17. OMG tão gira, adorei! Estás tão fofinha na primeira foto!

  18. Congratulations Claudia!
    Just loved your photos!
    A big warm kiss from Portugal!

  19. Que bacana, Claudia:) A partir de agora vou prestar mais atenção nos filmes e séries, pra ver se vejo vc rs;)
    Beijos e bom domingo!

  20. You look absolutely magnification.
    Wanna follow each other on Instagram and bloglovin? I just followed you . Hope you'll follow me back here⤵️
    Victoria Twins

    Love & hugs Twinsladybug

  21. Oh meu deus oh meu deus que espectacular. Reconheço a do Hannibal, devorei essa série de uma maneira louca!!

  22. Oh wow, it sounds like you've been a part of many great projects!

  23. Entras em muitas séries que eu acompanho e sim, realmente reconheço-te de Bomb Girls e de Hannibal! Que giro :D
    És linda ♥


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