Sunday, February 01, 2015


Hello darlings, before I start I would like to thank everyone that took the time to comment on my last post, I was touched by every one of your lovely emails and private messages on my Facebook.  Thank you so much! 
This last week has been a little hard with a trip to the emergency room because of dehydration.  I started again with extreme nausea and vomiting, my blood pressure was really low to the point that I almost fainted and last but not least I started having really bad cramping in my stomach. Thanks to my wonderful husband and the help of my mom that is taking care of Sofia and bringing me some of my favorite homemade dishes, it made these days much easier. Today, I feel much better and hope that it stays that way cause it was pretty scary. I really need to get better for me and for my baby's health. 
 I had to cancel my pregnancy photo shoot,  so hopefully soon I will be able to reschedule.  
Today, I wanted to bring you a different post, as some of you may already know, I love decorating my home and get inspiration from different blogs and websites. One of my favorite blogs to look for inspiration is, they always have the best ideas for nurseries and kids rooms. 
Time is flying, I am entering my 32nd week tomorrow and I feel like I am about to pop with my huge belly but I need to get a few things done before my baby gets here. I am pretty much all set with the main things, but I am still not done decorating his nursery. The closet is done, but I still got a few details to do in his room
My favorite part of decorating my home was when I started putting together my daughter's room and her closet. My husband did help me a lot with assembling everything, I have to give him credit for that. I love her room and closet, it's really comfy, super functional, easy to keep organized and cleaned and that's what I am looking to do also for our baby's room. 
I believe when your home is well organized it's so much easier to keep it nice and tidy at all times specially when you have kids. My 3 and half year old knows where everything in her room goes and is awesome at keeping it tidy when she's done playing.  I am a lucky mom, but I believe kids do what they see. 
Hope this post gave some of you moms out there some great inspiration for your baby's nursery. It sure did help me get inspired! 
Thank you

Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am turning 25 LOL!  J/K!!!
Take care everyone! 


  1. great selection..i like the first 3

  2. Cada um mais lindo que outro

  3. São todos tão lindos *.*


  4. omg girl , slow down and take rest, all these health issues !!
    i really hope u feel better soon and cant wait to see your baby boy's pics
    ur husband is such a sweet man, he hasn't written a post in a long time.
    really liked the first nursery
    I am cuerious to know how your daughter is reaction to pregnancy and to know she will have a little baby brother soon
    would love to see her nursery pics
    Keep in touch

  5. Olá Claudia, tudo bem?
    Ótimas escolha, cada um mais lindo que o outro, todos de muito bom gosto!

    Que as bençãos de Deus esteja sempre em seu lar!
    Bjs, feliz semana ♥

  6. Querida, espero que estejas melhor!
    Também gosto muito de decoração, e gostei em especial dos dois primeiros :)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  7. o primeiro quartinho é o meu favorito <3
    mas são todos lindos


  8. I like the first two, they are soothing and cozy.

    I hope you continue to get better Claudia! Praying for you!


  9. Beautiful :)

  10. Bonitas inspirações.

    Isabel Sá

  11. Que lindos quartinhos :) Há pessoas com ideias maravilhosas!
    Depois mostra-nos o quartinho do teu baby! De certeza que com o teu bom gosto vai ficar lindíssimo!

  12. thanks for sharing..I appreciate all the work you put into this site, helping out others with your fun and creative works.
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