Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hello beautiful followers, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was really awesome. Saturday I had a maternity photo shoot and Sofia was thrilled to be part of it. Makes me so proud when the photographer says it was a breeze working with Sofia, she is such a well behaved child. Sunday my mom prepared a little get together at her place for my Bday, tons of delicious food and great company.  
Today's post is simply to share the items I am hoping will get me through this birth and to make my stay a little more pleasant and comfortable. For all first time moms out there, I thought would be great to give you my suggestions on what to pack for your hospital bag.  Hope my list will help you.
If you're in the final stretch like me, with only a couple months to go before your due date, now is the time to gather together all the essentials you'll need during labor and birth.
Hospitals vary in their policies about what you are allowed to bring with you when you have your baby so the best is to check what the hospital provides and what you can bring yourself. If this is your first, I would recommend to take a hospital tour a few months before your due date.
If a group tour isn't your thing, ask for a private tour they may be able to help you. With my first, I did my hospital tour a few months before my due date and I really liked it, my husband came with me as he did for all the Dr.'s appointments.  I think it's really important to have their support. He wanted to be part of everything and that was nice to see him so involved without me having to drag him.
The hospital tour will be a good way to ask all your questions like:
Do they have birth balls, squat bars, showers, water tubs..?  Learn where to park and where labor and delivery are located, visiting policies are also important to know.
Hope all these little suggestions will help you make your stay less stressful.
Don’t forget to install the car seat and have it ready for inspection at the hospital. Once you've got your hospital bag organized, remind yourself of the first signs of labor so you know when it's the real thing to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.

For Baby:
1 Pack of newborn diapers
1 Pack of baby wipes
1 Travel pack of baby bath & body essentials
2-3 Newborn sleepers and Onesies
2 Burp cloths
2 Facecloths
2  Swaddling blankets
1 Baby blanket
1 Newborn outfit to bring baby home
1 Hat 
4 pairs of socks 
2 pairs of booties 
1 Pair of baby mittens
1 Gumdrop soother 
1 Earth Mama Angel baby bottom balm
Breast Pump
Baby formula " in case my milk supply is not enough"
2 small baby bottles
1 Baby bath towel

For Mommy:
2 nursing bras
A few nursing pads
1 pack of menstrual pads
 Travel pack of bath & body essentials (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, lip balm, hairbrush, hairband, hair tie, hand sanitizer and some makeup " I am packing on the essentials, but I also will bring some makeup to make me feel a little more presentable"
Nipple cream
1 Mama-to-be oil by Earth Mama
4 Front-opening shirts are useful in the early days of breastfeeding.
2 pyjamas 
Come home outfit "Comfort is key post birth!" 
1 pair of flat shoes "Remember comfort does not mean ugly."
Comfortable underwear, trust me this isn't the time to pack your sexy Victoria Secret thongs 
1 pair of Flip flops "perfect for the shower and to walk around in hospital"
1 Bath towel
4 pairs of socks
1 Big sister gift, for Sofia to open when she comes visit. I think it's  a nice way to introduce them to the new addition of the family and they also don't feel left out. 

For Dad:
Camera and charger
Water bottles and healthy snacks for mom and dad
Bath & body essentials
Change of clothes and comfortable shoes
Water Spray and a hand-held fan to cool down the mom-to-be while she's in labor
Massage oil for mom "to be massaged during labor or contractions"

Besides all the nausea for about 6 months, a few trips to the emergency room and now at the end of my pregnancy so much pain in my ribs I couldn't be happier. I love preparing everything before my baby's arrival, it is for sure an exciting time for us now.  

Good luck and congrats to all the moms to be. 


  1. Muitas coisas para pensar e organizar! :) beijinho

  2. when are you due ! , i showed the booties pic to my mum and she really liked them , are they handmade !!
    do you have instagram so that its easy to be in touch with you
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  3. Também levei quase tudo o que tens aí! um mala não chegou:P

  4. Com os sacos prontos, é menos uma coisa com que tens que te preocupar :)


  5. Que post legal! Otimas dicas para as mamaes! Qual a previsao do seu parto? Nao vejo a hora de ver as fotos!

  6. The shoes are too cute. It is so nice to see you are all set and ready to go. The last stage is always hard. It is a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I am so excited for you and congrats Claudia.

  7. São optimas escolhidas para levar para a maternidade, tenho a certeza que qualquer mãe de primeira viagem vai adorar este post :)


  8. oh que fofinho, adorei este post! <3

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  11. Aww those baby booties are so cute, Claudia. Take good care, girl and congrats again.

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  20. I'm so excited for you and your family, I can't wait to see pictures of the baby boy!


  21. Olá!
    Tens aqui tudo o que é preciso.


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