Friday, May 08, 2015


I am back!!! Oh my goodness you guys... I've been wanting to write this post for a while now! Our baby boy David Gabriel, has arrived and we couldn't be happier!
After nine long months, struggling with severe nausea, rib pains, exhaustion, restless legs, backache, lack of sleep, a few trips to the hospital... I am so happy that our little bundle of joy is here with us! My heart is bursting with happiness. 
Born right on the due date, April 15th @ 23:59. Everything went smoothly, thanks to my amazing husband that was by my side every second of it, our awesome Dr. and the wonderful nurses at the Oakville Hospital. We couldn't be happier and Sofia is thrilled with her baby brother.
Can't believe I only pushed for 8 minutes and had baby in my arms. 
It's been really busy with a newborn at home and a 3 year old and that is why I won't be  posting very often for a while now, but I will do my very best to be back soon. Meanwhile I wanted to share with you some of my maternity photos and our new family member. He is a little angel, eats a lot and is a good sleeper already. We are very lucky! 

I really recommend every woman to take some maternity photos while pregnant, sometimes all you need is a good camera and good lighting. This pregnancy was really hard on me, I was pretty much sick all the time and I wasn't feeling my best for pictures, but I really didn't want to miss the opportunity of taking some great belly shots. 

I will keep you all posted and hopefully will soon return with new posts. 
I got so many awesome treats from my dear husband lately, one of them is a gorgeous Guess bag and tons of beauty products for mommy to enjoy. I really gotta share it with you all.
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Much love from our family to all of you


  1. Congratulations! You look so happy on those photos. I´m almost on my due date as well.
    All the best.


  2. Que barriguinha linda e que amor tão grande!! Muitos parabéns minha querida e toda a felicidade do mundo!

  3. Ooooooohhh que sessão tão linda. Muitos parabéns e TUDO de bom. Sejam felizes.

  4. Que bonitas fotos Claudia! Que lindas estás e que bela família!
    São momentos únicos e fantásticos, aproveita ao máximo e volta aqui dar novidades assim que puderes! :)
    beijinhos grandes,

  5. So happy for you all, Claudia! He is beautiful! Enjoy your wonderful little blessing and your special family time! Congratulations! xoxo

  6. Oh, que lindo! Adorei as fotos *.* muitas felicidades

  7. Awn... que fofo!!! Muita saúde para ele !!!! bjsss

  8. Congratulations Claudia, he is beautiful! I'm so happy to hear he is healthy and such a great baby!


  9. Nomeei-te para uma tag no blog! Espero que gostes :)

  10. Claudia, mais uma vez muitos parabéns!!! :D
    Não fazia ideia que a gravidez tinha sido tão difícil :( mas o que interessa é que já tens o teu baby boy lindo nos teus braços! Aproveita todos os momentos destas fases lindas :)
    As fotos estão muito lindas! Apesar de todo o mal-estar que tiveste durante a gravidez, não se notou nem um pouco, estiveste sempre linda! :)
    Beijinhos grandes!!

  11. Congrats!! Great, I love it! Enjoy the day honey!

    Check my last post here!
    Follow each other? Let me know and I'll do the same:
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  12. Mas que fotografias maravilhosas!!

  13. Congrats again Claudia. He is truly an angel. I am happy to know you are doing well and so is the baby. Oh being a good sleeper is wonderful. You get to sleep. Take care.

  14. Tudo de bom para vocês, Cláudia! ♥

  15. Awww congratulations to you all Claudia. I'm so happy for you. He is such a little cutie :-) xx

  16. Gostei muito do teu blog!
    Se puderes vista o meu e se gostares seguires deixa comentário :)

  17. Muitos parabéns ;)

  18. Que barriga mais linda!
    Fotos lindas, vc tem uma bela família, parabéns!

    Kisses ♥


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