Monday, November 23, 2015


  As promised, last Monday I said I would announce my favorite quote from your comments. 
 "Home is where your heart is!"  This one is a longtime favorite. 
Thank you Ida Gaspar from  and Isa Machado from for taking the time to leave us your favorite quote. 

I also loved Busola Coutts favorite quote a" A positive word for the soul keeps all the negatives away".  Busola is a Toronto fashion blogger with always inspiring looks on her blog. Visit her and subscribe, you will love her!

Catarina from left us a really cute and inspiring quote in Portuguese  "Os seus sonhos não têm pernas, mas você tem" " Your dreams don't have legs, but you do!" 

Don't forget to visit all these great bloggers and leave them a comment. I am sure you will enjoy their blogs and subscribe. 

What you think about today's quote? 
Hope you have a wonderful week.  I will be back soon!


  1. Muito boas frases e vou conhecer os blogs inspiradores.

    Mil beijokas e uma linda semana,

  2. Aww' Love all the quote inspirations. And Catarina is right, we do have legs so we can run after our Dreams :D
    Anyway, thanks for passing by my blog and I also read and write in English so is fine either way ;) I would LOVE to see products that are NOT tested in animals - I really hate that - that's why I like Essence Cosmetics, at least they say they're animal tested free. For that, I'l following you, here and in Facebook Page. Thanks :D

    ~ Carla'C
    Coisinhas da Carla'C
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  3. Adoro!

    r: Sim, verdade.
    Um grande beijinho*

  4. Essas frases são realmente muuito inspiradoras ;)



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