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Today, I wanted to share a really fun subscription box for the little ones.  I recently partnered with Little Passports to review this adorable and educational box and I couldn't be more happy.  This particular one is the World Edition.  When I heard of Little Passports, I knew right away this would be a perfect subscription box for my daughter Sofia.

 Little Passports is a kids subscription service that sends monthly packages full of cool activities from different countries, cultures, major landmarks... it is an amazing way to get children excited about geography and my daughter loved her little suitcase full of fun goodies.

The World  Edition includes: 
- A suitcase to collect souvenirs and everything you get each month
- Boarding pass for online games and activities 
- Fun stickers and activity sheet
- Passport
- Introductory letter from Sam and Sofia
- Wall sized world map

Here are the 3 different subscription packages:
Early Explorers "3-5 years olds"
World Edition "6-10"
USA edition "7-12"

1. Select the adventure and subscription plan that's right for your child.
2.  Your introductory kit will arrive with everything your child needs to get started. Destination- specific packages arrive every month filled with letters, souvenirs, activities and more. 
3.  Watch your child race to the mailbox each month to check for their latest adventure!

***This month is Brazil, I will share with you what we got very soon, plus I will also share the Early Explorers box we got from Little Passports.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I think this is perfect for my mommy friends! So cool! ;)


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