Thursday, January 07, 2016


Hello dear readers! 
Subscription box lovers, this one is for you! 
If you follow me on Instagram  or Facebook , you probably heard about my new subscription to UrthBox.
Urthbox is a monthly subscription service that introduces you to delicious and healthy selection of organic, all natural and GMO free snacks, beverages and more.
Subscribers get to choose which box and what size they prefer. 
Because it was my first time trying Urthbox, I opted for a 3 month subscription to the Mini Vegan Snack Box to see how I like it. I got my first box right before Christmas and that is the one I am reviewing now.

Urthbox subscribers will receive snacks each month, but not your typical snacks, they are healthier alternatives, full-size treats meeting your dietary needs. You can choose from the Classic, Vegan, Diet or Gluten-Free and they also have different sizes from mini, small, medium and large.

I definitely recommend this subscription box, as soon as I am done with my 3 month subscription, I will probably go with a larger box, since the mini one I ordered is way to small to share with my daughter, who loved them as well.

If you ever decide to give it a try:

Stay tuned, for this month's Urthbox review!

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  1. good to see so many healthy snacks
    Keep In Touch

  2. obrigada querida! embora o meu blog a sério seja o outro, o Nude Life :p

  3. Sounds good. I have wanted to try a subscription box for awhile but have no idea which one.

  4. muito obrigada! é um prazer ter-te por lá :D


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