Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hello dear readers, hope everyone is having a great week.
Today, I am bringing a new topic to the blog, my journey towards a minimalist lifestyle.  It started almost a year ago when I realized I was constantly organizing things in our home.   I started googling about new ways to declutter and organize and stumbled upon articles that discussed about minimalism, I was very intrigued. 
So what is minimalism?  
First of all, I want to clarify a huge misconception about minimalist lifestyle.   It doesn't mean you can't own anything and live in a tiny home with no furniture and no clothes.
Living a minimalist lifestyle for me and my family means that we only keep what we truly love and use.
I look at minimalism as a life filled with adventures and happiness instead of an accumulation of stuff.

One of the main reasons I like to keep my home clutter free and organized is to reduce stress, make my life easier, have more free time and have more money.  
It's extremely hard for me to relax if I have a messy and cluttered home. 

When people come to my home, one of the first things I hear is how tidy and organized it is, and wonder how I keep it that way with small children? 
The key to a clutter free environment is to buy less.

From an early age, we tried to teach our daughter that everything she owns has a home, this means that at the end of each play she needs to tidy up and put all her toys where they belong.  
Yes, sometimes we have to insist "she's 4 years old" but she does an amazing job keeping her room tidy and organized. 
Our son just turned 1 and we are already teaching him in a fun and playful way to put his toys way.  
I also think when kids have too many toys, they tend to get bored easily and argue with each other more. 
Kids's don't need a million things to have fun!

In my younger years, I often made impulsive purchases, specially when I was not in my happy days or was going through some difficult time.  I still enjoy shopping, but the big difference now is that I can go months without stepping into a shopping mall.  
Yes, you heard that right, months!!!  
Today, I am in a place in my life that I prefer quality over quantity, I prefer to spend money on things that I really love and enjoy, like a good vacation, fun experiences with my family versus accumulating "stuff" in my home that will only lead to a more stressful life.

For the past months, we've been going through each room in our home and decluttered everything that we didn't need anymore, that didn't fit, that was broken or repeated and that we lost interest over the years.
We donated so many things, specially clothes and we also sold a few things and made extra cash.  
It's been a really fun and liberating experience for our family.

Tell me, what area in your home tends to accumulate more clutter?  Sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes a day.  I started with small areas in our home, one of the first ones was my walk in closet, linen closet and bathrooms. 
So go on, declutter your physical goods that have no meaning to you anymore and share your experiences with us.

I would like to share some great Facebook pages that will help anyone interested in living a more minimalist lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post, Claudia! We are planning to move in the next year or two, and I have closed by shops, so I am cleaning out, too...I am much more selective about what I buy now. I'm with you...I am rarely in a mall...

  2. Sweet Claudia !
    We started in the same way, searching for solutions right? I am so happy for you. Each word you wrote illustrates exactly what minimalism is. It brings such quality to life: time, orgnization, passion and love! And there is more mindfulness in our attitudes and our "things", including in the shopping times like you told :-)
    Thank you for sharing the Facebook group! Everybody is welcome to our minimalism and simple living community!
    Hope to read more about your journey here in your page ! :-)

    Fátima Teixeira

  3. Gostei bastante querida, super interessante mesmo!

  4. Excelente post!

  5. It was fun to read about the beginning of your minimalist journey! I look forward to reading more! -Robin


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