1. Hi Claudia! Thanks for checking out my site. I love your blog, too! Especially all of the organizing ideas (I'm in a de-clutter/organizing phase right now). Anyhow, I am not very tech-savvy and have been trying to figure out how to add the "Join this site" link on my blog??? Any direction would surely be appreciated. I've been wanting to add my Instagram and Pinterest link, as well, but again, haven't had any luck!

    Anyhow, glad you stopped by! :)

    1. Hi Mae, I will try to help you out. Will comment on your blog.:)

  2. Dear Claudia: We publish Beach BOOSTER publication. You can read it online. Also Would like to publish your article on Wasaga Beach either on the Blog or our little newspaper. Or both. Thanks for saying nice things about our town and we do hope you come back.

    Thanks and regards,
    Bill Frieday


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